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Slokker goggles SP1

Slokker Goggles SP1 (OTG, to wear over the glasses) The Slokker SP1 goggles with interchangeable ...

Slokker Goggles SP1 (OTG, to wear over the glasses)

The Slokker SP1 goggles with interchangeable magnetic lenses has a big panoramic view for optimal sight. These new goggles come in 6 colours and has the following specifications:

  • High quality technical visor with photocromatic and polarized lens for optimal sight during various weather conditions.
  • The visor turns darker when its hit with strong sun rays and turns lighter in normal conditions. It gives you maximum filtering of diffused light for a perfect view of the contrasts on the slopes.
  • Excellent to use in environments with variable light influences.
  • These goggles will be delivered with a carry bag for the goggle, and also a separate bag for protection of the lens.
  • Category S1 + S2 is photocromatic and polarized.
  • Category S3 with an extra mirror visor is to be used with very strong sunlight.
  • Perfect fit.
  • Optimal comfort, with an anti-allergic foam band.
  • Optimal panoramic view.
  • Polycarbonate material which is shatterproof.
  • UV 400 protection.
  • Anti-fog treatment.
  • Anti-slip goggle band to keep the goggle safely on the helmet.
  • The mirror lens (category S3) can easily be attached or detached because of the magnets.
  • You can use these goggles on all ski helmet brands.
  • 6 fashionable colours to match your ski outfit.
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