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byAr Volta E-bike

The Volta byAr This city bike with pedal assistance will make your bike ride more ...

The Volta byAr This city bike with pedal assistance will make your bike ride more comfortable.

The Volta byAr has a unique advanced pedal assistance that is completely concealed in the rear wheel. No battery under the luggage rack and no panel on the handlebars. the engine is barely visible and audible. You can set the engine with an application on your phone. Through the application you can also see how much voltage you have left in the battery and how all systems work. The 8 different setting options offer a range of at least 40 km to 160 km.

Furthermore, the engine has 3 positions that selectively support, when accelerating, cycling against the wind and when going up a mountain or hill. If you brake, go down the hill or take the wind in the back, the motor will automatically recharge the batteries.

Below the technical descriptions of the Volta byAr:

  • Weight: 22 kg
  • Motor: Zehus Bike+
  • Advanced pedal assistance; controlled via an app on your mobile. More about the app click here
  • Range: 35 tot 160 km
  • Brake system: Hand brakes, Magura HS11
  • Spokes: DT Swiss RVS 13 is a spoke thickness of 1.8mm
  • Rims: Aluminium Ride busted rims with cut sides
  • Tires: Schwalbe Fat Frank 50-622
  • Cardan shaft: TDZ Gear ratio 2.15
  • Bearings: Tecora
  • Pedals: Union
  • Rear hubs: Sram 2 speed automatic
  • Hubs for: Union
  • Standard: Spanninga Easy stand
  • Headlight: Spanninga Trendo glas+LED
  • Taillight: Spanninga Pimento XE
  • Frame: Handgemaakt aluminium
  • Lock: Axa plug-in kabelslot

Maximum torque Nm: 20


  • Rated Voltage: 29.2 V.
  • Rated Capacity: 5300 mAh
  • Energy: 154.8 Wh


  • Weight: 6 kg
  • working temperature: -20 ° C to + 70 ° C
  • storage temperature: -40 ° C to + 60 ° C
  • charging temperature: -20 ° C to + 60 ° C
  • protection rating: IP54


  • Voltage in: 100 ~ 240 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Voltage out: 31.2 V.
  • Charging current: 1.5 A.
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