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Pretty Rugged Baby Blanket Pink Mink

Baby Blanket Pink Mink This blanket is made of wonderfully soft laux fur with a water and ...

Baby Blanket Pink Mink

This blanket is made of wonderfully soft laux fur with a water and wind tight underlay. 

In the underlay there is a zipper in the corner for safe storage of keys or small items.

This wonderfully warm and watertight blanket can also be used for numerous purposes such as: 

Boating, picknicking, camping or chilling, in short everything where water and cold have to stay at a distance.

The blanket is available in 3 sizes.

All pretty Rugged blankets are packed in an easy to carry, waterproof duffle bag and are embellished with our distinctive vintage ribbon.

  • Baby Blanket
  • This blanket has the following sizes 71 x 81 cm
  • Machine washable
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Sorry, this size is no longer in stock. You can contact us for more information.
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  • Try at our location in Budel (NL)
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