Safety and comfort

Wearing a ski helmet not only offers you more safety and protection, but also helps you enjoy skiing and snowboarding more! By wearing a ski helmet you can descend from the blue, red or black slopes, with much more confidence. A nice little bonus: you will never suffer from having cold ears again!

Buying a helmet with a visor ensures better protection of the head and face. Furthermore, you no longer have the problem of forgetting or losing your sunglasses or goggles, you have all this in one helmet. It is also important that in addition to a well-fitting ski helmet, you also protect your eyes from the bright sunlight. The sunlight shines directly from above and the reflection of sunlight on the snow causes the need for good UV protection. We have more than enough products for sale to suit everyones preferences.

You should also make sure you wear good fitting ski clothes and thermal underwear. With this you will be able to make your descent in all weather conditions.

Lots of safe skiing!