Frequently asked questions

Exchange and return

How do i return an item?

  • You can return your order within 14 days of ordering.
  • Always send the item(s) back secure and in the original packaging.
  • When returning the item(s) always include a filled return form.
  • Worn or damaged items cannot be returned. Price tags and item cards may not be removed from the product.
  • You can send your returns to the following address:

Randweg-Zuid 25
6021 PT Budel

  • Additional costs for return shipments are the responsibility of the customer.
  • If you receive a incorrect or damaged product please contact us as soon as possible.
  • We will refund the total amount to your bank account within 14 days after termination of agreement. We strive to process your return within 3 working days of receiving it. You will receive a confirmation email when it is processed.


  • Go for the digital version of the return form to the page >downloads<

Complaints procedures


All our products have factory warranty. This means that a product that is used in the right way and is acknowledged by us as defect will be taken back. We will then get back to you as soon as possible.

If you have any doubts about a product you can always email or call us.
Contact details


We want every customer to be happy. If you have a complaint regarding the service we provide, we ask you to file your complaint with our customer service, which you can contact via e-mail, post or telephone. Contact details

Our customer service employees will handle your complaint with great care in order to provide the best suitable solution.

Our contact details:

Randweg-Zuid 25
6021 PT Budel

You will receive a confirmation from us when the complaint is filed.

Upon reception of your complaint, the staff will review your complaint and you will receive a response from us within 14 days.

If you do not agree with the decision of the customer service you are welcome to contact the foundation of the webshop trustmark which we are affiliated with.

Other questions

Is the webshop stock always up to date?

We constantly monitor our inventory. Unfortunately, it might occur that an article on our webshop is still available while it is becoming unavailable. In addition, it is possible that a product does not meet our quality standards. Of course, we do everything to limit this as much as possible.

Is this webshop secure?

We use a secure connection while you go through our checkout process. The lock icon in front of the URL code shows you all information about encrypted and secure connections. This way your data will always remain protected.

What size do i need?

Check the Help with measuring section

Technical description coats

Link to the picture with the technical description of OSC coats. LINK TO PICTURE

Is it possible to try a product?

Yes, it is possible to try on a product, but only by making a appointment.

Contact us to make an appointment.

Payments at

What are the payment options?

At you can pay via:

  • PayPal
  • Visa (Credit Card)
  • Mastercard (Credit Card)
  • Maestro


  • PayPal:
    Paypal is a online payments system that supports online money transfers and serves as an electronic alternative to traditional paper methods like checks and money orders. PayPal is one of the world's largest Internet payment companies.


  • Credit card:
    It is also possible to pay via Mastercard or Visa at Card payments are processed via a secure connection. This is to ensure that all data is protected from access by third parties. For paying via credit card, no additional fee will be charged.
  • Maestro:
    Maestro is a payment brand of Mastercard Worldwide. Mastercard is a global payment and technology company. Mastercard manages the world's fastest payment processing network, with which consumers, financial institutions, businesses and Governments around the world are connected.

Is VAT included with all product prices?

All product prices include VAT.

What are the shipping costs per country?

Country:                                                  Shipping Costs:

  • Aland islands                             € 31,00
  • Albania                                      € 31,00
  • Andorra                                     € 31,00
  • Austria                                       € 16,00
  • Belarus                                       € 31,00
  • Belgium                                     € 9,00
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina            € 31,00
  • Bulgaria                                     € 24,00
  • Croatia                                       € 35,00
  • Chech republic                          € 22,00
  • Denmark                                    € 16,00
  • Estonia                                       € 25,00
  • Faroe islands                              € 31,00
  • Finland                                       € 21,00
  • France                                        € 21,00
  • Germany                                    € 10,00
  • Gibraltar                                    € 31,00
  • Greece                                       € 28,00
  • Guernsey                                   € 31,00
  • Holy See (vatican city state)     € 31,00
  • Hungary                                    € 18,00
  • Iceland                                      € 31,00
  • Ireland                                      € 22,00
  • Isle of man                               € 31,00
  • Italy                                         € 18,00
  • Jersey                                      € 31,00
  • Latvia                                      € 25,00
  • Liechtenstein                           € 24,00
  • Lithuania                                 € 24,00
  • Luxemburg                              € 12,00
  • Macedonia                               € 31,00
  • Malta                                        € 31,00
  • Maldova                                   € 31,00
  • Monaco                                    € 25,00
  • Montenegro                             € 31,00
  • Netherlands                             € 5,95
  • Norway                                   € 47,00
  • Poland                                     € 22,00
  • Portugal                                  € 24,00
  • Romania                                 € 24,00
  • Russian Federation                 € 58,00
  • San Marino                             € 31,00
  • Serbia                                      € 31,00
  • Slovakia (Slovak Republic)    € 19,00
  • Slovenia                                  € 19,00
  • Spain                                       € 20,00
  • Svalbard & Jan Mayan islands € 58,00
  • Sweden                                     € 24,00
  • Switzerland                              € 33,00
  • Ukraine                                    € 31,00
  • United kingdom                       € 13,00

Ordering at

How will my order be delivered?

PostNL will deliver the package on our behalf. They work closely with selected delivery partners, which means you will receive your package from a trusted local courier.

When can i expect my order?

If the order is placed, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. Once the payment is verified and all products are in stock, we will proceed with shipping. If a product is no longer in stock or has a longer expected delivery time we will notify you as soon as possible.

See this file for all estimated delivery times: 'transit-delivery-times-tcm19-22834.pdf'